10 Latest Kurta Pajama Designs For Women

10 Latest Kurta Pajama Designs For Women

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Nothing could beat the versatility and comfort level of a
kurta pajama set since this ethnic wear suits all body types and occasions with equal alacrity. That's the very reason why it's popular among both men and women.

However, since women are more conscious of fashion and their overall appearance, the women's kurta pajama sets have gone through many sorts of changes. Over time, this ethnic wear is made with a lot of different kinds of styles and cuts, some of which gained immense popularity while some others couldn't make it to the ladder of fame.

So, if you are also one of those fashion-conscious ladies who want to look chic and well-groomed in an event-appropriate kurta pajama, it's important to stay aware of the ongoing trends.

So today, we are going to pen down 10 latest kurta pajama designs for women which are creating the biggest buzz in the worldwide market these days. Keep reading the article so no one can match your level of elegance and perfection in a crowd. 

10 Latest Kurta Pajama Designs For Women

1. Velvet Kurta with Banarsi Pajama

Perfect for winter weddings, a velvet kurta is ideal to keep you cozy and comfortable on a super cold night in December. You can incorporate a velvet shawl to your wedding attire as a protective layer as well but if it's not that cold out there, consider pairing this fancy kurta pajama set with a net dupatta.

To look on point wedding guests in this dress, pair it with high heels and some pearl statement accessories. Velvet, due to being a bulky fabric, generally looks best on skinny girls. If you are standing slightly higher on the weight bar, both the velvet and jamawar fabrics may make you look more obese. Likewise, this kurta pajama design is ideal for ladies in their thirties or twenties as it offers the right amount of decency and style for them. 

2. Angrakha Kurta with Pajama

It became famous after it was worn by Madhubala in the Mughal e Azam movies, Anarkali kurtas have become women's favorite since the 19th century. However, this kurta style originally originated in Rajasthan where women needed a specific sort of clothing that could protect them from scorching hot sun while being lightweight and easily breezy.

After passing through a long period of evolution, various variations are introduced in angrakha kurtas, out of which, two types are most famous; knee-length angrakha kurta and kamari angrakha. The kamari-style angrakha kurtas are a more popular option to wear on occasions and festivities since they provide more room to move freely. Besides a straight-end pajama, such kurtas can also be paired with salwar and skirts.

The knee-length angrakha kurta, on the other hand, is generally preferred for everyday wear and is crafted in lightweight fabrics, like cotton and linen. Whatever the type of angrakha kurta you get, make sure to style it with the right type of footwear and accessories to become an ultimate head-turner. 

3. Kurta with Dhaka Pajama

Resembling a lot to Gharara and Sharara pants, Dhaka pajamas are another hot pick ethnic wear for traditional Indian weddings. Looks eternally graceful with kurtas of all lengths, this pajama style is perfect for ladies of all age groups and backgrounds. The main reason why Dhaka pants are preferred for a wedding or festive occasion is that they usually come with heavily embroidered borders which look quite fancy.

Narrow from the waist and flared from the bottom ends, a Dhaka pajama accentuates your hourglass even further, making you look all glammed and prepped. Pair it either with a peplum-style kurta, A-line kurta, or a long kurta with front slits and make a dramatic entrance with your luxurious and royal appearance. 

4. Punjabi Kurta Pajama

Look at all Desi in this evergreen Punjabi kurta pajama set, consisting of a tight-fitted, short-sleeved kurta and a tight-fitted pajama. However, you should never confuse the pajama with a Punjabi kurta with a churidar pajama since it doesn't come with extra pleats which makes this chic ethnic wear super easy and safe to style. 

You might be surprised to know but Punjabi kurtas also emerged from angrakha kurtas and by the year 1960, it completely replaced the angrakha style as more and more people embraced this easygoing kurta style. The main reason why it's called Punjabi kurta is because it's mainly associated with Punjab as it's highly popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. 

Consisting of two rectangular pieces with side slits and a deep neck, the Punjabi kurta looks stunning when styled with a pair of Punjabi jutti and jhumkas.

5. Cutwork Kurta with Tulip Pajama

Cutwork kurtas can never go outdated since the intricate embroidery and threadwork make them look classy and subtle, in every era. For all those who don't know, cutwork is a special needlework technique with which embroidered designs are cut completely out of the fabric to make them more apparent and eye-catching.

In other words, a cutwork kurta is made by cutting away some sections of a fabric in simple holes or predetermined designs which are then further defined and embellished with different embroidery stitches. Cutwork kurtas are mostly available in cotton, linen, and other strong fabrics that do not fray easily whereas, for needlework, silk and cotton threads are used.

When such a classy cutwork kurta is paired with tulip pajama, it makes a perfect traditional wear for summertime. Tulip pajamas usually come in a forgiving silhouette-like shape that seems narrow at the ankles, billowy at the waist, and flared from the center. 

6. Front Slit Kurta

Making perfect workwear and also great to wear on day-to-day events and intimate parties, a front slit Kurta is extremely versatile and is known for providing a charming and classy style statement. As the name implies, such kurtas feature a slit or one side cut which in turn exudes feminine vibes.

This kurta style mainly looks beautiful on ladies with a pear-shaped and hourglass body - having wider thighs and hips since the slit balances out the proportion by drawing attention upward. However, apple-shaped bodies can also style front slit kurta in a relaxing and flowing fit, with a broader and higher midsection. A higher slit and deep V-neck create a much-needed illusion of a longer torso.

As per the nature of the occasion, you can pair your front slit kurta with a wide range of bottom wear including straight-cut pajamas, leggings, jeans, and palazzos. Style it further with oxidized jewelry and sandals, wedges, or flats to achieve a full glammed quotient.

7. Bell-sleeved Kurta Pajama

Emerged in 1970, bell-sleeved kurtas became popular in 1970 - the era of flowy and loose-fitting clothing. Such kurtas generally feature straight hems with a unique type of sleeves which are fitted from elbow and shoulders and flared from the forearm, making the shape of a bell.

Unlike other kurta types, bell-sleeved kurtas originated from the Western fashion world and soon they made a smooth transition to Indian traditional wear where it's largely embraced and admired by women of all backgrounds and age groups.

Bell-sleeved kurtas generally look better on college or university-going girls as it makes them look younger and smarter than that of their real age. However, make sure your kurta is tight-fitted so it balances out the proportion with the loose, flowy sleeves. Also, consider getting such kurtas in floral prints or brighter shades and avoid styling them with heavy jewelry since sleeves serve as accessories themselves. 

8. Knee-length Kurta with Gharara Pajama

Worn originally by Muslim women of South Asia, North India, and Pakistan, Gharara pants offer the most conventional frame when styled with a knee-length kurta and dupatta. Unlike other types of pajamas, a Gharara is ruched at the knee and wide-legged so it would look more flared out. 

Today, this ethnic wear is preferred for formal occasions, especially for brides, since most such pajamas come with heavy zardosi work and embellishments. However, some kurta Gharara sets are also being created for semi-formal and smart casual occasions. Such ghararas don't feature heavy embellishment and are usually crafted in printed or net fabric. Pair the outfit with chandbali and heels and look gorgeous in this one-of-a-kind kurta pajama design. 

9. Pathani Kurta Pajama

Originally worn by men, pathani kurta pajama sets soon made their way to women's fashion due to the class and sense of sophistication they possess. More flared and loose in shape than regular kurtas, the pathani kurta comes with buttoned pockets, located on the front side. Likewise, its pajama also resembles a lot of salwar as it's quite loose-fitted.

However, other than the classic pathani pajama, pathani kurtas can also be clubbed with different types of bottoms like cigarette pants and palazzos. Unlike regular kurtas, pathani kurtas are relatively longer and always come with roll-on sleeves in three-fourths length. This, in turn, adds a sophisticated versatility and silhouette to this ethnic wear, making it perfect for both formal and casual events. 

10. Long Kurta with Churidar Pajama

Last but definitely not least, the kurta pajama set is for petite bodies. Long kurtas, especially those with small prints and vertical stripes, create an illusion of a longer and slimmer body. Depending upon the degree of embellishments, such kurta pajamas can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. The kurta is usually ankle length whereas the pajama is tight and fitted with numerous pleats.

Even though some ladies also prefer to pair their churidar pajamas with short kurtas, it makes them look short. Also, long kurtas usually feature short sleeves and are tight-fitted which in turn creates a typical Punjabi look. 

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