How To Wash Kurta

How To Wash Kurta

Know how to wash clothes properly


Knowing how to wash clothes properly is no less than an art since you need to understand which colors may go together in the machine. Or what techniques to employ to retain the crispiness and sheen of clothes. This matter becomes way more severe when you have to deal with an embroidered ladies kurta

Minor mishandling like adding too much detergent, over-scrubbing stains, laundering on the wrong setting, and other similar sorts of mistakes may ruin your favorite kurta. Thus to save our beloved readers from such calamities, today we are going to discuss a step-wise guide on how to wash kurta properly. Just keep reading! 

How To Wash A Kurta?

  • Read the care label 

Most kurtas are made up of cotton or silk. Even though both of these fabrics are machine washable, it's wise to read the care label thoroughly. On the label, the manufacturer doesn't only provide information about the correct washing method but also specific care instructions for the fabric type and embroidery.

Also, some manufacturers provide information about the correct water temperature and the right drying techniques. So follow these care tips because they help a lot in maintaining the appearance and quality of fabric. 

  • Spot treatment

If your kurta has some visible spots, it's better to treat those spots before putting it in the washing machine. For efficient spot treatment, spray a spot treatment solution on the dirty area and let the solution do its work for a few minutes. If you want to remove a nasty spot from a white kurta, consider using bleach or a solution of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.

However, don't use these homemade spot treatment reagents on colored or delicate fabrics, and go for a specified stain remover. Also, figure out whether the spot is oil-based or water-based and purchase the stain remover accordingly. This will not only help you to get rid of nasty spots completely but also to do so in a short time. 

  • Choose the right washing method

Depending upon the information provided on the care label and the nature of the fabric, choose an appropriate washing method. For example, if your kurta comprises a delicate fabric or fine patchwork, consider washing it by hand as it's a safer option. For this purpose, fill a tub with lukewarm water and add a fist of mild detergent to it. Soak your kurta for five minutes in the water-detergent solution and then scrub it gently with your hands, without screwing or harshly brushing the fabric. 

If heavy sequins work or embroidery is present on the kurta then there's no need to rub it. In that case, just rinse it with clean water and let it dry in the air. On the other hand, if you have a simple cotton kurta, with no delicate work, you may wash it in gentle machine cycles. 

Always start with washing your white kurtas in the first machine cycle. If both kurta and pajama are white, you may throw them together in the machine. In addition to a mild detergent, consider adding color-protecting bleach to the machine while washing white kurtas since it will prevent yellowing. 

To preserve color vibrancy, it's suggested to use cold or lukewarm water. However, never opt for hot washing as it may cause color leaching and shrinking. Before throwing your kurta in the machine, make sure to turn it inside out so its outer surface won't endure too much wear or friction. Also, check the pockets to locate any items like pens, keys, coins, etc. since such items may damage your machine. If your kurta has buttons or zippers, unfasten them. 

  • Removing odor 

Cotton kurtas are mostly worn during summertime and may end up getting sweaty and smelly way too quickly, due to being super absorbent. Thus, to remove the clingy odor from your cotton kurta, fill water in a basin and add a quarter of baking soda to it. Soak your kurta in the solution for around 30 minutes before washing it and it will remove all kinds of odor from your clothes. 

Likewise, you can use vinegar as a fabric softener as well. For this purpose, add a quarter cup of vinegar to the clean water and rinse your clothes, after washing, with it to make them look brighter and softer. 

  • Drying 

After rinsing the kurta with clean water, gently squeeze it to remove as much water as possible. Never ever twist or wring your embellished kurta since doing so may weaken the patchwork. After making sure that your kurta doesn't have any detergent residue and is thoroughly rinsed, hang it in open air, away from sunlight. 

However, if your kurta is made up of delicate fabric like silk, lay it either on a drying rack or a clean towel to air dry. Even if the care label says that you could use a dryer, we suggest never doing so since the process may involve too much heat, pressure, and agitation which may fade, damage, or shrink the fabric. 

For relatively stronger fabric, tumble dry can be employed on the lowest setting but make sure to remove your clothes immediately from the dryer to avoid any damage. 

Clever tips to enhance the experience

  • When drying your kurtas in the dryer, take a small piece of cotton cloth, soak it in your favorite fragrance or essential oil, and throw it in the dryer. Doing so will make your kurtas smell the best in town. A cotton ball can also be used in a similar manner for the same purpose. 
  • To keep the insects and mosquitos at bay while wearing a cotton kurta pajama, consider storing your clothes with mothballs or other homemade alternatives like cedar chips, lavender essential oils, or cinnamon balls. 
  • During winter months, sun your kurtas once in a while to prevent moisture or odor penetration. Likewise, wrap your heavily embellished Anarkali kurtas in dust bags, after washing and ironing them, to prevent color damage and protect the thread work.


Can you wash kurtas in a washing machine?
If the label says so! But make sure to always wash your kurtas on gentle machine cycles and always use cold to lukewarm water. 

Does the kurta shrink after washing?
Yes, kurtas, especially cotton kurtas, tend to lose the thread tension and get shrunk after washing in hot water or drying in the dryer.

What is the best way to wash clothes without shrinking them?
To preserve the ready-to-wear size of your kurtas, avoid fast spin, heavy-duty cycles, and high heat drying.

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