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How To Wear A Shawl With A Kurta

Fashion Tips – September 15, 2023

How To Wear A Shawl With A Kurta

The wedding season is just around the corner which means it's time to take your Anarkali kurtas out of your closets! And did someone tell you that shawls are trending these days?  That's right! Shawl when paired with a fancy kurta makes an eternally pleasing combo, making you look extremely graceful and sophisticated. Just keep the below-mentioned shawl styling tips in mind and you'll definitely be a head-turner in every party you go to.  How To Wear A Shawl With A Kurta? Due to being cozy and warm, shawls are considered an absolute must-have of every woman's winter wardrobe. Not only do these help you look all prepped up on a harsh winter night while staying warm but also come with so many styling possibilities to amp up your attire. The best thing about ladies' shawls is that every article, be it a handmade pashmina shawl or cashmere shawl, holds a different sort of elegance due to its unique color scheme and intricate design. However, the thing which makes shawls a wardrobe staple is that they can be worn on all types of occasions, be it casual or formal, when styled appropriately with confidence. So buckle up because we are now going to mention some fail-proof ways to carry shawls with your favorite kurtas. Even if you find any of these looks a bit strange, don't be shy to pull it off because we are sure that you are not only going to embrace juicy compliments but also feel as confident as a fashion diva.  Drape on one shoulder  The first and most popular option is to drape a shawl over your shoulder. Doing so will add a wonderful amount of flair and dimension to your attire. If your kurta pajama pair is plain with no heavy embellishment, drape a heavily embellished shawl or one with busy prints on it so it could stand out.  Whereas, if your kurta has embroidery or some fancy work on the neckline, keep the entire shawl only on your one shoulder while completely revealing the embellished part and jewelry. Don't forget to secure the shawl with a decorative pin or brooch so you won't have to fix the shawl position over and over again.  Drape around both shoulders If you have a pashmina kani shawl that you want to make the star of your attire, there's nothing better than styling it by draping it around your shoulders. However, do it only if your kurta is plain and doesn't have any embellishments on the back, sleeves, or neckline because your shawl is going to hide it anyway.  In other words, this draping style is ideal when you want to only display your shawl, as much as possible. You may either let the shawl fall vertically on both sides or wrap it around your chest loosely from one side to add an old-world charm to your attire. There's no other comforting way of wearing a shawl to unlock maximum warmth on a chilly night. Not only will your shawl complement your ethnic wear beautifully, this way, at weddings or other festive events, but people will be compelled to think about you whenever the word elegance is spoken. Wear around the neck  If you have an ajrak shawl or a plain one with little to no embroidery, wear it around your neck in a way that both the ends of your shawl drape around your shirt front in two halves. Remember that you don't need to spread the shawl, rather collect it near your neck in pleats so your kurta is more visible. In other words, only plain and casual shawls should be worn in this way otherwise the beauty of heavily embellished or printer shawls won't be displayed. Also, your kurta should have a unique pattern and eye-catching patchwork so it would be the focal point of your outfit.  Wear like a poncho  Don't you have a fancy kurta to wear to a festival? Don't worry, just get a heavily loaded shawl and drape it around your shoulders without folding it in a way that both ends meet at the front. Then secure both sides together, from neckline to waistline, with the help of 3-4 safety pins. Besides fastening both sides with safety pins, you can also do so with a belt. This style is particularly common when it's not too cold out there but still, you want to layer up to stay warm, just in case.  Cinch the shawl at your natural waistline by covering half of your arms. Also, always use a slim belt so it won't become the focal point. This style of wearing a shawl works for both casual and formal kurtas and is perfect to add a touch of modernism to your traditional look. FAQs Q1: How big should a woman's shawl be? Since shawls are not only worn for decorative purposes but also to keep you cozy, they should be at least 70-85 inches long and 30-45 inches wide. Q2: What holds a shawl together? Safety pins and decorative brooches can be used for holding different sides of a shawl together but for this very purpose, two part shawl pins are used which come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes.  Q3: Can you wear a shawl with a high-neck dress? Sure you can! If your kurta features a high neckline, you can wear a shawl by draping it around your shoulders. This in turn will add a touch of elegance to your attire.

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