What Is A Dhoti Kurta?

Explore various styles, tips for body shapes, and ways to glamorize this versatile outfit choice for all occasions.

Do you know that more than 25 different types of ladies kurtas exist? You must have worn and owned some common types of these kurta sets such as straight hem kurtas, Anarkali Kurtas, kurta pajamas, asymmetrical kurtas, etc. but have you ever heard about dhoti kurta? If not, keep reading because we are sure that you'll definitely want to own one by the end of this article.

What Is A Dhoti Kurta?

Dhoti kurta is one of the oldest and most traditional Indian clothing, worn originally by men. In its earliest days, a dhoti kurta set consisted of a long tunic which is paired with a dhoti; a 5-6 yards long unstitched piece of cloth that is draped around the legs and waist.

As time went by and fashion trends evolved, many brands began to introduce dhoti kurta sets for women as well. However, unlike those worn by men, a lady's dhoti kurta set comes with stitched dhoti pants whereas the kurta could be of different styles, designs, and cuts. Not only kurtas but some women also love to pair their dhoti pants with western tops like crop tops. 

The primary reason why dhoti pants are trending these days is because they not only look extremely stylish but also are very comfortable to wear - especially during summertime as these let your skin breathe. Some designers considered dhoti kurtas a perfect amalgamation of ethnic wear with Western style. 

The look dhoti kurta creates is ideal for all sorts of social gatherings, be it casual outings, parties, or big, fat Indian weddings. Last but definitely not least, dhoti kurta sets are super versatile and very easy to glamorize by pairing with the right accessories. Below are some ways to style dhoti kurta sets as per your body shape so have a quick look!

Styling Dhoti Kurta As Per Your Body Shape

If you have a thorough understanding of your body shape then this will prove quite helpful for you to select the right type of dhoti kurta set that would ensure a seamless and elegant fit. Since the market is flooding with different styles of dhoti kurta pants, here are some tips you would find helpful to spot the perfect set.

  • Straight Lean Body 

This is the type of body that has an equal width from all sides with a small bust area. Thus, to add more volume and achieve a fuller look, consider getting a set that contains dhoti pants with a loose-fitting kurta. You may layer it further by draping a shawl over your shoulders or wearing a jacket. 

  • Hourglass Body

The type of body with wider shoulders, bust, and hips but a narrow waist is what we call an hourglass figure. Almost all kinds of dhoti kurtas look gorgeous on such a body type but to cast a unique sort of spell, we'll suggest going with a tight-fitted kurta or peplum style kurta. Pair it with an averagely voluminous dhoti pants and you are going to appear irresistibly gorgeous. 

  • Rectangular Body

Women with such bodies have straight bottoms and hips so they better pair their dhoti pants with a good-fitted, simple kurta with minimal designs. To cut the attention from wide shoulders, tops with puff sleeves or box pleats should be avoided. Also, to appear more slender and taller in a dhoti kurta, it's advised to get one with vertical stripes and small prints. 


Q1:Which fabric is best for a dhoti kurta?

If you want a dhoti kurta set for the festive season, get one in silk or other fancier fabrics. Whereas if you want a dhoti kurta for everyday wear, a cotton one would make a great choice.

Q2:What is the difference between dhoti and Patiala pants?
Patiala pants have more pleats all around the waistline whereas dhoti pants come with fewer pleats and most of these pleats are present on the outer sides.

Q3:What top to wear with a dhoti?
Besides kurta, you can style your dhoti pants with a vast range of tops including crop tops, full-sleeved shirts, long tops, asymmetrical tops, kaftan tops, flared Kurtis, and even an oversized t-shirt.

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