5 Best Kurta Tops For Women

Explore five stylish kurta types, from straight hem kurtas to elegant Anarkali styles.

Be it a regular working day at your corporate office or a sangeet event of your best friend, a ladies kurta holds the charm and versatility to suit all kinds of occasions. When paired with the right accessories and bottom wear, an alluring ethnic kurta can shower you with heartwarming compliments from your loved ones.

And the best part is that this Indian wear suits every woman, of all age groups and backgrounds, adding elegance and confidence to her unique personality. So, if you are up to stocking up your closet with some latest kurta tops, you are on the right page. Today, we are going to enlist 5 best kurta tops for women who are famous for their classy and refined appearance. Read on and give your persona a boost of sophistication with these top picks. 

5 Best Kurta Tops For Women

  • Strength Hem Kurta

The most timeless and easiest to carry among all types of kurtas, this one has been the very first choice of all office-going ladies as it suits all body types without violating the dress code ethics or being fussy. Tend to look flattering on all kinds of occasions, you can never go wrong with a straight hem kurta. 

As long as you pick the right type of fabric and fit for yourself, this kurta stays malfunction proof. Club it with whatever type of bottom wear you find comfortable and it won't raise eyebrows in terms of mismatching. However, our designers suggest pairing it with pointed heels and straight pants for a more structured and sharper look. 

Mostly, such long, straight kurtas feature a long length that goes best with palazzo, straight pants, and jeans. However, long straight kurtas also look quite stunning when paired with skirts, making them an ideal option to wear on brunches, summer parties, and day outings. Available in multiple types of fabrics like cotton, viscose, polyester, silk, masher, rayon, crepe, chiffon, and georgette, these kurtas can be further styled with huge-sized oxidized jewelry. 
  • Overlay Kurta

Perfect for spring and autumn, this type of women's kurta is for ladies who are fans of layering. Inspired by Western spaghetti outfits, these overlapping kurtas are designed as an amalgamation of Indian and Western wear. Consisting of two different layers of fabrics, the base may be printed or plain and is mostly opaque. It is also made up of a breathable and lightweight fabric like Georgette, net, crepe, etc.

Since the overlapping design gives remarkably vibrant vibes, it makes this kurta style ideal for receptions, weddings, parties, and other festivities. The length of such overlapping kurta may vary from knee length to ankle length which means it can be clubbed with leggings, Palazzos, and even shalwar with equal alacrity.

However, if it's floor length long, you better wear it like a full gown and glamorize it further with a statement clutch, necklace, or jhumkas. 

  • Floor Sweeping Kurtas

Trending in Bollywood and Hollywood, these floor-touching or floor-sweeping kurtas give their wearer an elegant, royal look. Resembling gowns, these kurtas fall into the same category as those of Anarkali kurtas and Angrakha kurtas. As the name implies, these kurtas come in floor length and tight fitting which makes your body look taller and slender.

Since such floor-sweeping kurtas are not comfortable to wear in day-to-day workplaces, ladies usually buy these for festive occasions. That's the very reason why such kurtas mostly come with fancy work and heavy embroidery. Also, unlike other types of ladies kurtas, this one is mostly available in fabrics with a characteristic sheen like net, chiffon, gorgeote, silk, and viscose. 

Pair with a pencil heel and statement jewelry, these royal kurtas never fail to fetch compliments from everyone around. 

  • Anarkali Kurtas

Donned and lauded by Madhubala when she played the role of Anarkali, these kurtas have been an evergreen ensemble of women's wardrobe since the Mughal era. Offering an irresistibly perfect pair of traditional quotient, grace, and elegance, these Anarkali kurtas not only look stunning on all body types but also every kind of occasion - be it a casual day out, formal party, or fat wedding reception.

In its earliest days, Anarkali kurtas were first paired with leggings and churidars but today, ladies love to club these with pants, palazzos, leggings, and even skirts. Also, some other variations of Anarkali kurtas have launched in the past few years which are as admired as the original one. These versions include angrakha, layered, side slit, front slit, etc. 

Whatever the type of Anarkali kurta you get, make sure to accessories it with the right piece of jewelry and footwear. If your Anarkali kurta is heavily embellished, consider wearing it with heels whereas if it's simple and casual, flats and sandals will look great with them. Lastly, tie the whole look with a necklace, jhumka, sling, and clutch. 
  • Slit Kurtas
Introduced around 2016-17, there was a time when slit kurtas were so in demand. Recently, this crazy fashion has hit the market once again and is now spreading like a pandemic day by day. As the name implies, such kurtas feature a slit, either in front or on sides. The front slit kurtas resemble a lot of floor length and Anarkali kurtas whereas the side slits look relatively more modern and sexy while providing more room for movement.

The length of the slit may also vary but generally, it's believed that the higher the slit, the better. Likewise, the number of slits may also range from one to three slits. Currently, kurtas with one front slit and two side slits are trending on top which looks heavenly gorgeous when paired with lehenga or skirts. Such tree slit kurtas usually come with heavy embroidery and sequins work which makes them appropriate for wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

On the other hand, front-slit and double-slit kurtas can be worn in both casual and formal settings when paired with the right shoes and jewelry. For instance, for a casual, everyday look, pair your slit kurtas with flats, sandals, or juttis whereas for a festive look, pair it with heels and heavy earrings like chandbali.

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