How To Measure Kurta Size

How To Measure Kurta Size

Learn how to measure kurta size accurately!!

There's nothing as gorgeous as a lady in a well-fitted ethnic kurta. However, to reach that level of gorgeousness, one has to take several factors into account. The biggest one is learning how to measure kurta size accurately - especially when you are buying a kurta online

Luckily, measuring the right size is not as difficult as it seems to be. To simplify the whole process for you, below we have penned down some quick and clever measurement tips you might find extremely helpful. So, keep reading! 

How To Measure The Kurta Size?

Take your body measurements

  1. Get a soft measuring tape and measure the size of your bust, waist, and hips. Make sure the measuring tape is free of wrinkles so you won't add additional inches.
  2. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and start by measuring your chest size. Do not wear a padded or underwire bra while measuring the bust. Measure both the over and under bust carefully. 
  3. After sizing the fullest area of your bust, add two inches to the measurements and it will be the bust size for your kurta. 
  4. It's common for ladies to have breasts in different dimensions. If that's the case with you, measure the larger side. Also, avoid taking measurements during periods or times when your breasts are swollen for some reason. 
  5. After the bust, measure your waist by placing the tape right above your belly button but below the rib cage. It's also the narrowest area of your waistline so you'd figure it out quite easily. Again, don't forget to add 2" to your waist size after getting the measurement. 
  6. To measure the hip, wrap the measuring tape around the widest point of your hips. Make sure your feet are around six inches apart while measuring hip size. It's the point where we normally wear our clothes. Add two inches to the measured hip size to get a comfortable fit.
  7. After this, measure the cross front, cross back, sleeve length, shoulder to waistline area, and total length of the kurta. To measure the total length, place one end of the tape on the inner edge of your shoulder and take the other end to the desired length. 

Besides taking your body measurements yourself, you may also consider going to a tailor for this purpose. Or, if you have a perfectly fitted kurta in hand, replicate its measurements. 

Go Through The Size Chart

After getting your body measurements, the next task is to go to the website and check their size chart. Generally, ladie’s kurtas are offered in alphanumeric sizing dimensions; Small, Medium, Large, and extra large. On browsing the size chart further, you'll find that each standard size comes with different measurements for hips, chest, sleeve lengths, waist, etc. So, get a kurta in a size that is nearest to your body measurements. 

Remember that the size chart of every brand is different. What is small for one brand might be the medium for another so go through the standard size chart of every brand in detail, before placing the order. Also, make sure whether the provided measurements are taken in cm or inches. 

Keep in mind that the right kurta size doesn't only accentuate your overall attire but also contributes a lot to keeping you comfortable throughout the day. So, keep the above-mentioned point in mind to get your hand on the perfect fit. 

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